The Vault Advantage – Arcadia, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Wine Storage Solutions

Cost Effective Locker Rates:
Since we own and operate the business, we can offer an incredible service for affordable prices. On average, The Vault is 25% less than competitors and has a sliding pricing scale, which becomes even more economical as you grow. We also own the property, which provides long term rent stability as well.

Temperature and Humidity:
Temperature and Humidity are the two most important factors in storing your wine appropriately. We have designed the building to include proprietary engineered cross sections to stabilize the environment for perfect wine aging conditions. Your wine will be a consistent 55-57ºF and humidity between 60-70ºF.

Vibration Free Environment:
Vibration caused by compressors can agitate wine and cause it to age prematurely. This is one reason why home wine refrigerators are typically not a good place to store wine. Our facility is completely vibration-free, using a split air system with the compressor/condensor located outside the storage area.

The Vault is monitored with 8 cameras, 24 hours a day. The cellar climate is tightly controlled and monitored by alarm systems that notify if the climate conditions fall out specified ranges. Structurally, The Vault features a cement roof to eliminate break-ins through the roof. There are three points of entry into the cellar, and an electric gate onto the property. A wall encompasses the entire property.

Ultraviolet light can destroy your wine. Our facility is designed to block all natural light so your wine is protected from the damaging effects of such light sources.

Our wine storage facility was built with flexibility in mind. You will never be hindered by space capacity as we have numerous sizes of lockers and options for case or custom bottle racking or a combination of both. With more space available, you can have your favorite wineries and stores shipped directly to The Vault where they will be held securely until you are able to transfer them into your private locker.

Distributor Friendly:
Since The Vault does not have a liquor license, distributors, not just collectors, can legally store their wine without jeopardizing their licensing. We have a retained liquor attorney to ensure continual compliance.

Proprietary Flexible Locker System:
The Vault is the only facility that has a specific proprietary system of storage which perfectly fits cases of wine and is flexible enough to expand and contract so you will never pay for space you are not using.

24/7 Access:
With our state of the art biometric access system, members enjoy accessing their wine whenever they want it, even on Sundays.